Norwegian Course – A1-b

This Norwegian Course is a collaboration between: Løvstakksiden church, Løvstakken Volunteer Center and the NGO Good Neighborhoods (Foreningen Gode Nabolag) project Nabostøtten Løvstakksiden.

The course is a continuation of former beginner A1-a, and is held by Yuko Ringdal.  It  includes both Norwegian language and Norwegian culture, as well as the opportunity to use Norwegian as part of a group dialogue on beginner level. (A2-a – a little higher level – elementary part 1, is to be found here.)

  • Level: A1-b, beginner part 2 (På vei chapter 5/6-9) .
  • Duration: 48 hours (3 hours x 16 weeks) 30. August – 13. Desember 2018.
  • Thursday evenings:  at 17:00-20:00
  • Place: Solheim Church – Hordagaten 28.
  • Teaching materials: Textbook, workbook and student-CD (all in «På Vei»)Arbeidsbok
    Students must buy their own workbook (arbeidsbok) and a glossarie in their own language, but some students can borrow a textbook (Tekstbok) for a deposit of NOK 450, – pr student.Tekstbok New price is NOK 440,- .
  • Price: NOK 3000,- (Teaching materials are not included in the price.) Possible with discount for good students as well as people we know have poor finances.

You may read more about the teacher here.


The courses are mixed (both women and men) and follow national recommendations for, among other things, no religious face-covering garments in educational situations.

Students are supposed to attend all course days. After three weeks absence, the student is considered to have withdrawn from the course. The course fee will not be refunded if the student withdraws before the end of the course. Ordlister

It is an advantage if the students can speak / understand some English, but this is not required. Glossaries have been created especially for the book series, På vei, in many languages, and they would certainly be very helpful to those who do not master English.

This course is now closed for registration.


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